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The operation model of machine tool remanufacturing industry in China

    Machine tool remanufacturing is a kind of make full use of the existing machine tools to make new patterns for old machine tool resources, the goal is to scale to produce more powerful than the original machine superior performance index and the new machine. Machine tool remanufacturing fully tap the value available for old machine tools, is of high and new technology industrialization of old machine tool repair and reconstruction.

    Remanufacturing machine in our country, especially in heavy duty machine tools, more for ordering production, since there is no unified products technical standards and market pricing principle, greatly influenced by the user market. Some users unit overemphasis on cost price input and ignore the importance of technical solutions and manufacturers strength, potentially boosting some remanufacturing enterprises only immediate interests, unwilling to plant increase investment in fixed assets, such as reluctant to hire outstanding technical staff, just by compression operating costs in order to occupy the market at a lower price, cause the good and bad are intermingled of market of machine tool remanufacturing, disorderly competition.

    Earlier in the remanufacturing industry development of developed countries, machine tool remanufacturing has been carried out for many years, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain. But in our country's time is short, and for renovation of single big heavy machine tool, the lack of process specification, market is a bit chaotic

   Learned, at present in China is engaged in the main force of the machine tool remanufacturing has three types: professional machine tool remanufacturing enterprises, such as the ministry on machine tool remanufacturing pilot enterprises in wuhan, central China autocontrol technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the central control); Machine tool manufacturing companies, such as machine tool group, chongqing and wuhan heavy duty machine tool group, etc.; CNC system manufacturing companies, such as Siemens automation factory nc equipment co., LTD., guangzhou, etc. These three kinds of enterprises constitute the main body of the current domestic machine tool remanufacturing.