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Lingang approved "national circulating fluidized transformation demonstration pilot park"

    Recently, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance approval lingang remanufacturing industry demonstration base construction of "national circulation reform pilot demonstration zone", this is the only approved remanufacturing industry this year cycle of demonstration project. Demonstration pilot implementation plan will highlight remanufacturing public platform construction of demonstration base, will further improve the demonstration base of remanufacturing industry chain development.

    The reporter learns from lingang manufacturing base, the remanufacturing bordering on the harbor industrial park has passed the national development and reform commission (NDRC) before "the national manufacturing industry base" of the site acceptance, is now a group of key enterprises at home and abroad actively engage with the remanufacturing bordering on the harbor industrial park. Daimler group has signed a cooperation letter of intent, Daimler Asia Pacific remanufacturing project will start construction in 2015, total investment of more than 300 million yuan, is expected in 2017 completed and put into operation, annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan in the future. Cummins, Volvo, general electric, yongda, for a long time, and other key projects also in rapid advance.

    According to introducing, in order to gradually form of enterprise clusters, the industrial cluster development situation, lingang remanufacturing base will also promote the construction of remanufacturing old pieces of circulation of recycling center, the old centralized cleaning center, r&d center, and then make certification testing center, remanufacturing talent training base, remanufacturing information data center, remanufacturing exhibition center, remanufacturing business innovation incubation center, 12 key projects. And the project will be national financial support.

    "Remanufacturing industry is an effective way to save energy resources, is the advanced form of circular economy development, and industrial civilization by extensive linear to circular important pivot of intensive evolution." City by letter appoint said, after years of exploration, cultivating and developing Shanghai on remanufacturing technology and scale is a national leader, has initially formed professional recycling and dismantling, cleaning, remanufacturing, such as complete remanufacturing industry chain, in auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, engineering machinery, printing supplies, and other fields have a strong technological advantage and a certain industry.

    In relying on the lingang industrial core industries such as the carrier, advance auto parts remanufacturing pilot, on the basis of Shanghai will actively introduce high-end medical equipment, aircraft engines, port machinery, high value-added projects, promote enterprises to carry out "to old change to" work and material recycling system, gradually promote the development of remanufacturing industrialization, standardization, scale, and green.