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Repairing heat treatment technology

    Repair heat treatment is belong to the category of remanufacturing technology of a new technology. Its technical connotation refers to the heat treatment of workpiece run for a long time, before no irreversible damage occurs, timely and reasonable heat treatment method is applied to the structure of the organization, performance, recovery, in order to ensure its continued safe operation, so as to achieve the aim of extending the service life of the material. The commonly used methods are: sand blasting, shot peening, cold extrusion, prestressed processing, etc.

    Damage and failure after the repair parts heat treatment technology application is very extensive, also is the main content of repairing heat treatment technology. Repair the heat treatment of the surface of the commonly used method is repairing heat treatment technology, hydrogen and stress relieving, annealing, intermediate annealing and quenching tempering treatment etc. Repairing heat treatment technology development of a modified type of repairing heat treatment technology. Namely adopt a more reasonable heat treatment process to make failure parts repair after injury to further improve and perfect mechanical properties and process performance, it is the inevitable result of repairing heat treatment technology development. Commonly used methods are: surface hardening, amorphous coating with high wear resistant coating, laser quenching, laser melting with repair, micro-arc oxidation and laser and laser cladding ceramic metal cladding nickel-based alloy coating, etc.

    Practice shows that the surface engineering technology (including surface heat treatment technology to repair) the repair and regeneration use of damage failure workpiece plays an important role. In recent years, the circular economy in the country and under the guidance of sustainable development strategy, energy conservation and environmental protection heat treatment remanufacturing (repair) technology has been gradually for the majority of enterprises to know and accept, repairing heat treatment technology has been further development and promotion. The restoration heat treatment technology of typical parts are: roll, gears, petrochemical, steel pipe, valve, sucker rod, drilling bit, wedge gate, turbine blades, compressor blades, high temperature and high pressure bolt, bundle, aircraft engine turbine disc blade, tank track plate, camshaft, crankshaft, cylinder, gear, valve seat, drilling equipment parts, mould measuring tool, etc.